Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Blogging Journey

I have been blogging for 4 years. I first blog at livejournal. Then after a year of blogging there, I decided to venture in blogging through blogger. I got the hang of it in no time as blogger platform is very easy especially to people who has no idea about html codes. After I a while, I decided to blog some more. I actually made this blog to share my cooking journey.

After blogging for a while now, I have gained followers of my blog. Family and friends are now looking forward to my updates. I then realized that it is important for my blog to be accessible to the internet at all times because I don't want to disappoint my followers. I also needed to be fast-loading.

Everyday is a learning experience for me in my blogging journey. Now, I am very much aware of the importance of a reliable webhosting company to host the server of your blog. I now have blogs that are hosted and I am glad that my webhost guarantees server uptime. Server uptime proves how reliable your web host is. Remember that one of the most important attribute in selecting a web host company is the uptime guarantee.

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