Saturday, March 5, 2011


If we decide to move to a new home, I would love to have one of those custom address plaques. I think they are pretty and add a little attitude to a house and it's owners. I frequently see those residential address plaques when I watch my favorite series. I love how they add a little bling right before you enter the house.

In the closest neighborhood where we are, I seldom see houses with personalized address plaques. Maybe because it's not a common thing for them. When I first moved here, though I wanted our own plaque, I thought against it because I didn't want to attract any untoward attention. I didn't know if putting a plaque like that would be a bad idea because I've heard that in some houses (in my hometown) even plaques get stolen.

So I'm leaving that "want of a plaque" for our next move, that is if we decide to move at all. I love our house now and with or without a plaque, this is my... our home.

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