Saturday, March 5, 2011

Business Scams

I've read a lot about SMC scam that I looked all over the internet on how they handled SMC complaints. Sometimes it is how a company handles complaints and how the respond that best defines them. I also browsed for Specialty Merchandise Corporation BBB and although SMC's grade may be unflattering at first because of numerous complaints in the past, it is a bit enlightening to know that SMC never ignores complaints.

These types of information is important when thinking of starting a home-based business and relying on someone else or another corporation to supply your needs, like SMC. Before I start investing on their products and services, I need to make sure that they can also support me when I need them. I need to make sure that they are not only "there" when they need my money but even when I need support and help in my business, may it be in forms of general questions, technical help or any financial matter regarding their products, me, and my customers.

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