Monday, March 21, 2011

Of movies and concerts

My husband and I love to watch movies and concerts. Whenever there are new movies to look forward to, I always make sure that we never miss it. I admit, we are both movie buffs and during our free time, we also tend to become couch potatoes and almost spend the whole just for a movie marathon. For concerts, we have watch a few here and there, but we do not intend to become like fanatics, we love music though but sometimes when at the concert venues, my husband gets irritated and irate at very annoying fans, specifically while lining up and if there is a not-so-efficient crowd control. Sometimes, these concerts, especially those that are held outdoor, lack barricades that properly direct and manage rowdy concert attendees. That’s one of the reasons why we don’t often watch outdoor concerts.

But if movies and concerts are indoors or done in halls, we do prefer for it. Both my husband and I admire and love the beautifully decorated and embellished stanchions. Not to mention that while walking through the velvet rope it makes you feel like you’re a celebrity. Speaking of concerts, we are up to attend one a few weeks from now. I’m so excited… I hope my little one too will enjoy.

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