Monday, March 21, 2011

Jojo and Jenjen's Wedding

Jojo is my youngest brother. He is marrying Jenjen. The wedding will be on June 2010. There is no definite date yet.

When my brother told me that he is getting married, I was actually not surprised but I wished that the wedding will be early next year. I can only wish as I cannot imposed when they should get married. We can't come home to attend their wedding this June and that's too bad.

Wedding preparations are exhausting. I have done many and I know how hard it is. I am glad that my sisters are helping Jenjen preparing for their wedding. I also helped and suggested where she can buy discount wedding invitations. I cannot helped her physically in doing all the necessary things but I can always suggest about how things should be done. She also asks my opinion on different decisions and I am glad that she trusted me that much.

She already chose the colors of their wedding invitations and the sample design is really elegant. So far so good as they only have 3 months to go and it's already their wedding.

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