Friday, March 18, 2011

Goodbye to Chocolates... For Now

Chocolates, who does not love chocolate? Everybody loves to munch on chocolates, men and women alike, young and old and children most especially! I, for one, am a chocoholic! When I do my grocery, I always drop by the chocolates section and grab a bar of my favorite chocolate and another bag of those cute little munchies.

But recently and sadly, I had to say goodbye to chocolates for the meantime. To add to my frustration, I emptied our fridge of all the chocolates. I had to do this because we are keeping watch of our weight and blood sugar count. Although sweets are just one of the many factors that can contribute to high blood sugar count, it is still appropriate to take precautions and prevent ourselves from getting diabetic or sick for that matter. Although I’ve read a dozen of articles that chocolates are beneficial to the health, especially those dark ones, but still, keeping in mind to eat it in moderation. So munching and finishing a bag of yummy chocolate will always be a guilty pleasure.

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