Monday, March 14, 2011

Child's Hearing

Children nowadays have a very short attention span. I notice this when I see children with their parents in coffee shops, in the malls or when we do our grocery. Mothers would tell them to do something, they would for a while then just go do what it was they were doing previously.

Sometimes the mother would keep calling them back and I often wonder if the kids just pretend not to hear the mother. If they weren’t pretending, I hope they have the kids checked in an audiology center. It’s not that I’m saying the kids are deaf, but I read somewhere that when kids don’t respond right away, they may already be showing some signs of hearing loss.

I believe that most of our local hospitals have newborn hearing screenings but if you still suspect that there’s something wrong with a child’s hearing, head over to the nearest specialty clinic or doctors such as the South Florida Audiology Associates. If you have questions about audiology, you can visit and click the "Ask the Doctor" button to send your questions.

Remember, early detection may be significant in preventing and repairing hearing loss.

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