Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blogging and Me

When I started blogging, I had vague ideas on what and where to start. At first I was skeptical, well, not really, I just was not so aware of the idea that I can truly earn money by blogging and a host of other online opportunities. So when a close friend introduced me to blogging, it wasn’t just merely writing or “blogging” per se, it entailed a whole lot of patience, visiting other bloggers sites and linking to them and so much more. Finally, when I got to the point of learning the basics and understanding fully well everything about blogging, I decided to buy my own domain and a web hosting package that is affordable. Good thing my friend provided me a web hosting directory where I got to choose different packages that will fit my budget. When I’ve finally chosen, the hype just went on and on, till I acquired more than five domains, that means more than five blogs that I try to maintain and update. Thanks to her idea of multiple domain hosting.

Blogging has become my so-called job for the past years now and through this, I am able to help augment our family expenses, I am able to send some money to my relatives back in the Philippines and have provided my own family some comforts. Indeed, there is income online, you just have to be patient and to persevere to achieve your goals.

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