Monday, February 28, 2011

Who will Make it to NBA Finals?

Basketball is a big sports in the Philippines. People are very addicted to it and in fact we have our Philippine Basketball Association. Every person regardless of age are hooked to basketball. You can see basketball rings in every streets. People young and old are playing.

As popular as the basketball sports in the Philippines, there is no doubt that NBA reached its popularity in the Philippines too. Thankfully, there are local channels and cable channels that show the basketball games. Most Filipinos are very familiar with NBA teams and NBA players.

Most basketball fans that I know also bet on who is going to win the NBA Finals. Some of them bet on a lot of money, some of them bet on food. In the USA, sports betting is also very common. I have known a few who really studies the tricks and strategies in order to be good in basketball betting.

Do you bet on who will win in this year's NBA Finals?

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