Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cookbook for Diabetes

We got a bad news. My mom has diabetes. It was actually not very shocking to us, as diabetes runs in our family. When mom was hospitalized October last year, she underwent series of test but all the results are normal. But last week, when she didn't feel well, we urged here to visit her doctor and undergo series of tests. It was then when we found out that she has diabetes.

Mom sent us a copy of her lab works. She went to an internet cafe, owned by our friend. He uses a document scanning software in their internet cafe which enables him to scan mom's lab result and sent it to us.

Now that Mom is diabetes, she has to watch her diet. We are sending her some stuff that is good for people with diabetes. I am also sending her a couple of cookbooks for diabetes. I encourage her to cook meals that are suitable for diabetes patients.

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