Saturday, October 9, 2010


Some people like to smoke a cigar and some prefer the cigarette. My brother in law is a big fan of smoking a cigar. I think that cigars are kinda expensive especially those Cuban cigars. When you buy a cigar it is also important to buy top rated humidors. When they had their Philippine vacation a few weeks ago, he was so surprised to find out that he can buy a cheaper cigar in the Philippines compared in the USA. Oh, well it seems like everything is cheaper in the Philippines as long as you have dollars. I think because the exchange rate has really a big gap in it.

Anyway, if you are one of those that likes to smoke a cigar, I am sure you can find good deals online, just check it out.


yen said...

i still prefer not to smoke at all, nkakasira ng lungs and to the people around them. happy sunday

Mama Ko said...

Mura na asawa ug bana ang sigar ug humidor mn hehe

chubskulit said...

Hello Mamilu, join ako sa imong giveaway hehehe, ngayon ko pa lang napost.. Mwah!

Dhemz said...

laag ko dire mami...:) salamat sa dalaw...ehhehe....thanks sa comments pod!

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