Friday, September 10, 2010

Electronic Cigarette

The price of a pack of cigarette has really gone up for the past year. I can't believe that a pack of a cigarette now cost over $5.

I wonder if an electronic cigarette will be cheaper compared to the real cigarette. I have to research more because I need to know more about electronic cigarette info. If I can find out that in the long run it will be cheaper, I will suggest it to my husband.

I have heard some positive reviews about e-cig. I am not sure though if my husband would be convince about this idea but it is worth trying if it means I can save some money out of it.


Dhemz said...

daghan kau ug opps dire da...naa opps sa PU2 mami....:)

Mama Ko said...

Angay ni ni jose aron di manimaho hehe

Ross Taylor said...

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