Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Asian Style Fried Rice

I ran out of rice.... a tragedy! lol

Seriously, I forgot to buy rice and when I found this box in my counter, I decided to cook it. Well, being a Filipino, this is not the best fried rice. I don't have a choice though as I don't have other rice... this is still rice it just taste different.

For people who is used to eating good fried rice (like filipino fried rice), this product is not a good substitute. But for somebody whose staple food is not rice, then I think this is a good one because it already has chicken and veggies on them. But for me..... I would rather have jasmine rice!

1 comment:

Dhemz said...

halid dire mami kay pabayluon taka ug 2ka kilo...hehehehe!

laag ko dire kadali woi....late nako usual...ehehehe!

agi ko kadali kay mag grocery sako kadyot...hudtan nako ug gatas...mau gani kay duol raning grocery store dire....pedi ra mabaklay pero init man kau..ehhehehe!

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