Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Peas

I love snow peas and its crunchiness. Although buying this type of vegetable is somewhat expensive, every once in a while, I indulge myself with an expensive food. Usually, snow peas cost $4.99/lb. For a vegetable that is quite pricey but hey I love it.

I decided to buy enough snow peas to cook for one meal and I was in heaven eating this. Here's my sauteed snow peas...

Snow peas
pork (slice lean pork)
soy sauce

  • Sautee onion and garlic. Add pork. Cook until pork is no longer pink.
  • Season with soy sauce and pepper.
  • Add snow peas. Cook for two minutes and stir occasionally.
  • Serve immediately.
Note: I love my snow peas half cooked when it is still crunchy.

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