Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seafood Cravings... Is It Safe?

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Fish or seafood is a part of daily diet among Filipinos. When I moved here in the USA, availability of fish is very limited. I have learned to eat and appreciate fish fillet since those were the only ones that are easily available in the local area.

When I got pregnant with Andrea, I craved for fish. Any fish especially the ones that are only available in the Asian market. I love eating fish but I did stay away from fish like shark, mackerel, sword fish and tile fish because it is known to have a high mercury content. Other than those, I ate a lot of fish which we bought in Atlanta ( a good two hour drive from our place). When I was pregnant (actually, until now), I always eat seafood ( shrimps, crabs, shells and more).

I have learned from healthy tuna website that lean protein, vitamins and minerals found in fish are good for everyone. But moms-to-be and their babies especially benefit from eating fish because it contains a healthy fat called DHA omega-3s. These special omega-3s help babies’ brains and eyes develop normally and may help moms to prevent and manage a type of depression called post-partum depression. I know there are many who suffered from depression after they gave birth, this could have been avoided if they have eaten seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as canned and pouched tuna. Studies shown that eating seafood during pregnancy is beneficial to the health of pregnant women and their babies.

Seafood craving is safe to indulge while pregnant. It is even recommended to eat seafood while planning to get pregnant and after giving birth. You can read more about scientific studies on pregnancy and seafood consumption at!

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