Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Perfect Gravy for the Holidays

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Three more days and it is Christmas. We may not have a festive Christmas celebration compared to the ones I am used to in the Philippines, but we will surely have our own Christmas Tradition. This year, we will be spending Christmas with my mother-in-law. We will open gifts Christmas morning then followed by a breakfast then we will have our dinner later.

As always, Mom is busy preparing for our Christmas get-together. She even asked me what type of gravy I prefer. I know that making a perfect gravy is a hassle because it will depend on how much roast drippings she can get. I told her that any type of gravy is okay with me. I even recommended that she needs to watch the gravy tips video so that she won't have problems making the gravy. I know that Mom can cook but an additional tips will not hurt for sure!

Mom and I always shares cooking secrets. I told her about the Club House gravy mixes which will be a good way to make a gravy without much fuss. These mixes provide a dependable and consistent way to deliver flavorful gravy. Everybody in the family loves gravy so I am sure that Clubhouse Gravy will be a welcome addition to our get together this coming Christmas.

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