Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Search and Share

Internet savvy or not, we all look for something in the internet. Web surfing has evolved and so as our web surfing experience. I am one of the million internet users that search anything and everything in the web and share it to my friends and families. I enjoy web surfing and sharing what I think would interest and capture the attention of my family and friends.

Did you know that Leapfish has unveiled a new search engine platform? You should try using leapfish because it does not only offer the tradition way of searching, it offers real time results which you can easily search and share to your friends through Twitter, Facebook, Digg and etc. The new multi-media and real time search gives the users most convenient, fun, and personalized way to experience and share the traditional and real-time Web.

What I like most about this new search platform is its ability to be customized. It allows me to add multiple news feeds, blogs and a lot more. I searched "veterans day" at Leapfish and it provides me with real time results in different multi-media content such as videos, images, news, blogs, tweets and much more.

Experience a new way and better way of web surfing through Leapfish!


1 comment:

ShY said...

Dalia ra naka post sa mommy ahh dili siguro busy, sus ako nag cge pa aray sa akong iring gamay.

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