Monday, November 16, 2009

Powerful Speaker System

One of the latest craze in mobile technology is the iPhone. There is an increase sales in iPhones because iPhone users find it very useful. These days, iPhones are not just used exclusively for traditional voice calls. You can browse the web, listen to music and play games. Most owners of iPhone spend their time enjoying all its capabilities - voice, data communications and multimedia entertainment.

Did you know that you can improve your iPhone experience by adding a powerful speaker system to it? The new Yamaha PDX-60 Speaker Dock has an exclusive Yamaha yAired (tm) wireless technology where you can get Instant connection, no sound delays and quality sound with deep, rich bass. Yamaha yAired is a Yamaha original wireless technology which enables you to operate your iPhone wirelessly using remote control with auto power on and volume control.

The use of portable player dock is no hassle at all because you can always put the speaker anywhere. The Transmitter unit is small enough that you can carry the iPhone around and talk on the iPhone with the transmitter attached. It is very easy to operate and it uses low power consumption. The Yamaha PDX-60 Speaker Dock will give your iPhone high sound quality and it will give perfect synchronization between sound and video when watching movies.

Do you want to bring your iPhone experience to the next level? Try the new powerful speaker system for iPhones provided by Yamaha.


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shydub said...

favorite ka sa iphon lulu hehehe wala mi ani.

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