Monday, October 26, 2009

Free Home Insulation

Insulation Batts

Homes need to be properly insulated so that there will be less electricity bill. How I wish there is a program like the one that is offered by The Australian economic stimulus package. The Australian Federal Government is providing $1600 to every home owner to insulate their home. Now isn't that nice? An estimated 440,000 homes in Australia will receive this grant so that they can buy insulation materials for their homes.

Installing Insulation Batts will help households reduce their energy use, cut their power bills by around $200 a year, and increase the comfort and value of their homes. The insulation rebate from government will surely help shoulder the cost when a householder decides to install insulation batts.

A householder can chose to install a Thermal and Acoustic batts for their home because these type of insulation batt is very easy to install. Daniel Yliche of Insulation Batts Australia sells insulation at building standards that exceed the Australian Standards Code. Check their website today and take advantage of the free insulation grant provided by the Australian government.

Insulation Batts

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