Saturday, August 15, 2009

Small Talk Six (Aug 15, 2009)

Rest and Relax....

Six things that you can think that will make you well rested or relaxed.
  1. I used to read and it relaxes me.

  2. I love a full body massage, it really feels good and it relaxes me. The best massage that I had was in Waterfront Hotel in Mactan, Cebu... it was pricey but really good.

  3. Soaking in a bathtub with scented candles all over the bathroom is really relaxing.

  4. Long hot showers relaxes my whole body too.

  5. Watching a movie is also a form of relaxation to me. Dave and I are such movie addicts... watching movie is one of our bonding moments.

  6. Cooking/Baking is also a good way to relax.
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Susan York Meyers said...

I've never had a full body massage... have to try it sometime.:-)

God Bless,

Krisha said...

yes, long hot showers!

Here's my entry:  Small Talk Six

Anonymous said...

Great list. The only thing I don't like about massages is that no matter how long of a massage you get, it's never long enough. Time goes by too fast.

Dee said...

I've only had one full body massage and it was absolutely wonderful..thinking I may be due for another, thanks for the reminder!! please visit my six here:

Rosa said...

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Susan M. Heim said...

I've never had a massage either! Unfortunately, cooking just stresses me out because I'm not very good at it, but I know it is very relaxing for some people.

I am Harriet said...

Baking use to relax me until I gained weight from it all.

Have a great Saturday!

Brittany said...

I've only had one massage, not a full body, when I was pregnant. It was great, I can only imagine a full body. Sounds heavenly. Happy Saturday!

LoveMy2Dogs said...

I have never had a massage of any kind and boy wouldn't that be wonderful.

Here here is Small Talk Six:

chicamom85 said...

Thanks for visiting and I am with you on everyone but especially 5 and6.


Staci said...

Can you believe I've never had any kind of massage?! I feel like I'm missing out. A nice shower sounds perfect though.

Kelly said...

I like long hot showers too. I'm not really a bath person

chubskulit said...

Me too, i have never tried having a body massage yet (professional) si hubby lang taga massage lol..

Nicole Feliciano said...

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