Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Show-Off Your Curves!

It is already August yet the scorching heat of the sun is still seemingly unbearable. It is so hot that most people always head to the beach to cool off! Well why not when in the beach you can cool off and at the same time show off your curves! If you wear a sexy monokini in the beach, I am sure there will be heads that will turn on your direction.

What is a Monokini? For those who are unfamiliar with monokini, a monokini is a one-piece cut out swimsuit. Its style is a fusion of one piece swimsuit and a conventional bikini. The fashionable trend for this year is the sexy monokinis. Sexy monokinis come in a variety of styles such as halter, triangle, brazilian cut monokinis, push up monokinis, and much more.

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Take a look at the sample monokini... It is fabulous isn't it?


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