Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Easy Buttered Shrimp

I know I posted a lot of shrimp dishes here.... Well I admit, I love shrimp! (Well, even if I don't admit, it is pretty obvious....). I happen to be able to buy shrimps in an asian fish market with shells and heads on. When I bought it, I was planning to cook "sinigang na hipon" but I when I was ready to cook, I changed my mind so I end up with this easy recipe.

Here is my easy buttered shrimp.

Shrimp with shells
Salted Butter

Melt butter. Add Shrimp and season with garlic and pepper. Cook until done. Serve.

This recipe is really easy. I love dipping this with a mixture of soy sauce and lemon. Of course what better way to eat this than using your hands! Enjoy eating!

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