Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lappy's Plea

This is Lulu's Lappy (laptop) and I am asking your generous hearts to help me pray for my freedom.

I have been a diligent worker for the past 2 years without compensation. I barely take a break. I am up in the wee hours all night because my owner decides to visit blogs. Sometimes, she uses all my other capabilities like my built-in camera and built-in microphone and speaker when she chats with her family in the Philippines. I have so much to do everyday because I provide them the news every time they wake up. I update their fantasy stats and most of all I give them entertainment when they want to watch online videos.

I cannot do everything at once yet I tried to give her a chance to open so many browsers as fast as I can. I have given her the best two years of my life. I am getting old and with all the difficult tasks that I do everyday, I deserve a break. Perhaps, I can retire soon when she decides to purchase a new HP HDX 16t Premium series. I am sure that she will like this new laptop because of its titanium design, home-theater-quality audio/video, and a built-in TV tuner. This laptop has a faster processor that supports more efficient operations. This has also a big hard dish where she can store applications, data, digital music and digital photos.

I know she worries about the price but if I will tell her that she can get $500 off instantly when she will purchase an HP HDX 16t with $300 coupon code NBN3248 + $200 Instant Rebate, I know she will jump with joy, and I am sure she will let me be her hubby's laptop. I would prefer to be her hubby's laptop because he doesn't demand a lot of my time. I have to remind Lulu that the above offer is valid through 8/23 or while supplies last and restrictions and exclusions apply.

Please, help me pray that she will grab this offer, so that I can be free from her.


1 comment:

shydub said...

poor lappy, please help lulu's lappy. duha nata ani looy oi puter lol

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