Saturday, July 4, 2009

Skinning Chicken

Cooking skinless chicken has become popular because it is healthier. Skinning the chicken before cooking can reduce fat thus, it is easy to enjoy the meal. A skinless chicken can readily absorb the flavors of marinades and cooking sauces.

Grocery store sells skinless chicken for a higher price. I prefer buying chicken with skin on and do the skinning myself. This help me save extra amount of money.

Cold chicken is easier to skin, it is important to plan ahead.

Here's how to skin chicken:
  • Freeze the chicken pieces just until firm, but not hard.
  • Grasp the skin with a clean cotton kitchen towel to improve your grip. You can also use a clean piece of paper towel.
  • Take the towel and pull the skin away from the meat.
  • Be sure to dispose the chicken skin properly.
  • Launder the towel after using


dubster said...

Lamian mn ko sa skin sa chicken lulu, kay daghan ug fat hehehe. naa ko award nimu kung modawat ka for your kusina with love hehehehe.

Faye said...

these are good tips.
but be sure to wash immediately the utensils you used to avoid salmonella bacteria.

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