Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BLT Sandwich

I love bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. The crispiness of the bacon and lettuce is very mouth watering.

wheat bread

  • Cooked bacon and drain in the paper towel.
  • Slice tomato and lettuce. Set aside
  • Spread ample amount of mayonnaise on the bread
  • Stack bacon, lettuce and tomato one two slice of bread
  • Put two breads together and pressed lightly to make sure that the BLT are intact in between the bread.
  • Serve!


Arlyna said...

Wish you can deliver that to my house now :). Sometimes the delicious things in life are the simple ones. I just need pickles or olives on the side please :).
How is Andrea doing?

Cacai M. said...

Agoy dli ka manambok ani nga lami mn kaau ni imong gi-serve Momi o..

About if makit-an ka ni Hayden, agoy saonz nlng.. mag-scandalo na pod sa iyang pagkalalaki.. heheh.. palakan jud si Belo ani Momi..

Oi, toplokz na pod ko.. ug ugma na pod ky medyo lawom nmn ang kagabhion.. heheh.. magdamgo unya ko ni Hayden(susmaryosep.. hahah) did2 nlng ko ni ahemm.. heheh..

Genejosh said...

nice blog you have here! I wanna add u to my Tasty Exploration's blog...

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