Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tinolang Manok (Chicken Soup)

I am kuripot and I know that! If I needed chicken breast for whatever I am going to cook, I don't buy boneless chicken breast mainly because it is priced almost twice as split breast. All I just need to do is few minutes of deboning it and presto I will have boneless chicken.

I bought some split chicken breast and I deboned it. I don't want to waste the bones in it because there are still some meat in it so I decided to make tinolang manok. You see I am still a Filipino at heart! I couldn't bear to waste something that I can still cook and eat, that is why I made chicken soup. Well, it didn't go to waste as Andrea and I eat it with rice. Andrea even eat the veggies in it.

chicken (cut up)

Wash the chicken thoroughly and put in a casserole. Add ginger, onion, salt and pepper. Cook in medium fire until all the liquids are gone. Add water and cook the chicken until done. Add green beans and cabbage. Serve.

I miss the green papaya, lemon grass and pepper leaves. Of course, nothing beats (native chicken) tinolang manok. Since it is hard to find all these, I just have to satisfy myself to whatever is available in my fridge.


Dhemz said...

wow galing ni Mami Lu....kuri man jud...hehehe...haven't tried deboning chicken...malata man kaha nako ang unod...ehhehe...:)

bow na jud ko sa imong capabilities Mami Lu da....mao ni kuri kay mahilig ug shopping...hehehe...apir!

Arlyna said...

Lu, you and Dhemz with all your food pics. It's driving me hungry! I haven't tasted tinola in years. The best one I ate was in the Philippines - I find the chicken there has more flavor.

I know my mother used to put potatoes but I prefer the papaya.

Regarding being kuripot, it's not being kuripot it's being smart. I do the same thing. Sinisave ko yong bones for later dishes :)

klivengood said...

katawa man ko nimo Lu fairness, sarap ng tinolang tingin pa lang yummy na

Cecile said...

kalami anang inola mo uy, ako dugay dugay na wa kaluto ana uy, paborito baya ng akong bana to :-)

Anya said...

i haven't been a fan of tinola but i do take a taste once in a while. yours looks good.

by the way, I have an award for you. please pick it up at my blog, thanks.

vhingF said...

e2 ulam ko today , tingnan mo lng ...

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