Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lulu's Kitchen... Not Cooking at the Moment

Since I don't feel good, my kitchen has not been busy. We just eat something easy or just buy something to eat. Maybe in few days I will be able to post new mouthwatering recipe. Right now, I am just content to eating what is easy.

I have been planning to make my own version of cashew chicken. Hopefully, I can make it good that way, I can share it here too.


MaMely said...

Hello Lulu, I can't wait for the cashew chicken!
I'm passing on the Creative Mom Blogger Award to you for being so creative in maintaining a blog. You can pick up the award logo from my blogsite and post it on yours.
More power to you!

Dhemz said...

hhehehe...Lulu's Kitchen is on leave.....joke!

worry not Mami Lu...pahinga kalang diha woi...para dali ra balik imong powers!

Cecile said...

that makes two of us; i have been also lazy cooking since our moved. we just eat out or whatever is in he pantry.

Arlyna said...

Hope you feel better. Sending you my hugs and I can't wait til you post your next recipe. Take care, the chef needs her rest :)

MAC said...

I hope you start feeling better. I really want to see your recipe for cashew chicken. It's one of my favorite.

amiable amy said...

looking forward to that recipe girl, maypa Alabama south kay naa ulan ganina, tawon ang MS wa man jud bisan nalng tulo oyyy....mura nami diri giluto sa kainit.

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