Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My first taste of diningding was when I lived in Manila (sshhhh that was a decade ago). When I first had diningding, I was totally hooked to it. It was just a very tasty vegetable dish.

Diningding is an Ilokano dish. When I attended my cousin's birthday party they were cooking diningding and I was excited that I could post it here. I asked the ingredients and of course I took picture of it.

mushroom (the long ones not the button type)
fish sauce

Put all the vegetables in a covered cooking pan (except mushroom). Put water and season with fish sauce. Boil until vegetables are almost done. Add mushroom. Cook until all the vegetables are done. Serve hot.

Note: You can add as many types of vegetables as you like. The vegetables always depends on the availability in your area. I always love diningding with saluyot.


Dhemz said...

oh my....never heard of this term before...never had this dish too....unsa ni sya MAmi Lu..version sa pakbet? hehehe

Lulu said...

it is not a version of pakbet mommy dhemz... this is different dish... pakbet uses shrimp paste... this one uses fish sauce (patis).. you can also use the bagoong from pampangga

klivengood said...

waaaa...na miss na nako ang dininding ng ilokano...Dhemz lami na kaayo...nag laway na noon ko dah.

Lu, favorite sad diay nimo ang dininding....sometimes, i cooked it here and i put sweet potato (kamote) instead of kalabasa..hmm saraaapppp.

Hahaha si Dhemz wa kaila...heheh

amiable amy said...

experiment nalang ta ani kay nia man ta layo...gutom nasad ko ani dah..anhaon ta jud ka diha kay sigeraka luto

Cecile said...

darn, these foods in here are making me drool....grabe! ngayo ko bi, diningding sa...:-)

Anonymous said...

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