Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fish Kinilaw

I have been craving for fish kinilaw for a long time. Sadly, we don't have fresh fish in Alabama which is good for kinilaw. Menmen and I agreed to make kinilaw even before I came here. So, we made kinilaw today and it was just yummy

Fish (tangigue)
Coconut Milk

Slice fish into bite size. Wash it off with vinegar and salt. Set aside. Diced onion, tomatoes, mango and ginger. Add coconut milk and vinegar, season with pepper and salt. Add fish and mix together. Serve.


Dhemz said...

mango? as in...hehehe..never heard of mango on not fond of kinilaw Mami lu...pero murag naglaway ko aning imong kilawin da....puti man kaayo...hehehe...ako jud tawon g enlarge ang pic...kay naglaway man imong lola....hehehe! tuod, unsa man inyo pahilis? hehehe

amiable amy said...

oyy salamat nito ha, i been looking for this recipe hahaha, ginagawa ito ng co-teacher ko lagi....hayy, gagawa ako nito....miss ko na kasi ito eh

vhingF said...

coconut milk!!???hihihihi

just now I know pede pala gata. pag day off ko try ko yan ...

vinigar lng luya I knew kc.
thanks sa new idea..tulo jud laway ko...hihihi

Rolly said...

Thanks for the comment and your concern.

I love this kinilaw. I miss it so much.

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