Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fried Catfish

We love fried catfish dipped in a lot of catsup and homemade fries on the side. The pictures may not look good but I promised ya'll it is really good. The fish fry will make the catfish very crunchy.

fish fry
oil for frying


Wash catfish and dredge to an ample amount of fish fry

Set aside
Heat oil in the wok and fry catfish until golden brown

Drain in paper towel. Serve


Cecile said...

mukhang masapa itong catfish mo ah :-), pwede patikim? just kidding.

thanks nga pala sa comment at visit ha :-), sure appreciate it a lot!

amiable amy said...

hmm, yummy, i will cook my catfish tomorrow, i guess, i can tell a funny story about it, kung d malimutan mag post hahaha

inday_adin said...

Fried and breaded catfish is really good.. :) Hmmmm... specially if the fish is freshly caught. yummy!

Have you tried to use Panko breadcrumbs? I hope I got the spelling right, but it is a Japanese bread crumbs and it is really good. Although you just have to put seasong with it because it is kind of blah just by itself. I mix together panko breadcrumbs with Italian breadcrumbs and a little bit of flour. hehehe.. :) Just some few tips incase you are interested. :)

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