Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beef Roast and Peas

Whenever I am busy, I always make something easy for our dinner. For tonight, I made beef roast and I also made peas.

Wow, surprisingly, I now eat peas. I remember when I just got here that I don't like eating peas but I guess I now become a certified southerner. I not only eat peas but I can cook too!

Here's what I did with my beef roast.

I just put the beef in the casserole, Sprinkle with a lot of garlic, black pepper, a bit of salt, and creole seasoning in both sides. Cover and bake in 350F for two hours. I always cooked it longer to make the meat very tender.

For the peas, Boil them with tiny slices of bacon, black peper, garlic and creole seasoning. After boiling, simmer it until tender.

Hmmm we had a good dinner, we eat the roast with ketchup. And Andrea enjoyed the peas too!

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