Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Asian Food

I grew up eating rice 3 times a day.  Sometimes, we even eat rice for snacks.  Eating rice, meat or fish and vegetables is our day to day food intake.  But when I moved here in the USA, my body was a little shock of the food differences.  When I was new here, I found most of the American food to be either very sweet or very salty - no in between.

At first I enjoyed eating burgers, pizza and pasta but after few days I craved for the real food that my body was used to.  I wanted to eat the Filipino food that is often served in our dining table.  To my dismay, there was no way I can find the fish that I like and some other Filipino products.  For me to eat some "taste of home",  we have to drive over 50 miles to get some Asian stuffs.  Sounds crazy eh? but that's the only way.

Asian products are pricey compared to the regular groceries but I have to buy some and splurge on some every once in a while. It is a good thing that I found Coupon Chief coupon codes that I can use when shopping for Asian stuff online.  These codes greatly help me in paying less whenever I shop.  There are many online stores where I can buy my Asian stuff but one of my favorite is the Asian Food Grocer. Whenever I shop at this store, I never fail to check CouponChief for available coupons.

Over the years, I learned to cook and enjoy American cuisine but I still keep stocks of some Asian stuff in case I craved for it.

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