Thursday, November 22, 2012

Brining the Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thanksgiving means cooking a turkey, it is part of the tradition.  This will be our first Thanksgiving in our own home.  So, I decided to roast a turkey.

I haven't decided whether to brine the turkey or not, until my friend Dhemz recommended it.  To be honest, I didn't think I had the ingredients for brining, but I managed to collect whatever was available and I came up with the above picture.

The smell is so heavenly with all those spices, oranges and lemons.  Now, how will it taste? I will let you know as I am going to roast this turkey in a little bit!


Chie said...

Happy Thanksgiving. It sure is an awesome thanksgiving for you and your family coz u are celebrating it in your very own home. Congrats!

raya said...

Wow!! I never baked/cooked a turkey before and I don't have any idea how to do it! So mao diay ni secret mamilu? please post a photo of the cooked one please.. aron maglaway na pud ko! hahah.. thanks for the visit! bpc hop!

Rcel said...

Sounds like a yummy roasted turkey is on the way after the brining session! :D

I usually marinate it mami ug ako pud. Overnight nga marinating sa lots of spices inside the flesh tapos pinatahi pa jud. then roast it on a thanksgiving morning. Hastang lamia lagi. Lol. I used to do this sauna sa IL pa mi kay daghan pa man mi gapuyo sa balay. Karon nga kami nalang, wala na ko galuto kay aguy, walay mangaon, maabtan pud 12 years ayha mahurot! Lol.

Can't wait to see the finish product aron maglaway ko. Lol.

BPC hopping!

emzkie said...

wala pa na naluto ha.. pero it sound so yummy!

BPC hop!

Jessica Cassidy said...

that looks delish Momi Lulu with all the spices on top :-) Dropping late for BPC :-)

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