Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dining for Less

Not being boastful or conceited, I know I am a good cook. I love cooking for my family. I love trying new recipes. I cook different foods from different cuisines. I enjoy spending time cooking and making healthy and delicious meals. Few years ago, you wouldn't see me in the kitchen but things have changed when I had a family of my own. I became domesticated and I actually enjoyed it.

Though, I cook most of the times, hubby always like to bring us out to dine. There was a time when we dine every weekend. We try different restaurants in different places and decide which of their menu we love the best. Sometimes, we drive for an hour and just look for a place to dine and rate their food. And because we love to dine and eat out as well us cook healthy meals, I joined Mydeals.com to get free exclusive coupons for food and drink. Mydeals is a website that offers discounts, coupons and deals in different categories. Their website is not just limited to food and drink. They actually have anything and everything that you need. You can even search for a certain store and look what deals you can grab.

I am glad that I get coupons and deals that help me save and enable us to dine for less.  Currently, I get offers from the mail and I can also print coupons and deals online.  Now, whenever we dined out, I am not very concerned about the money we will spend because I know whenever we go out, I have with me a coupon that can lessen our bill.

Using coupons when dining out or buying groceries has helped us.  My pantry has all the supplies I need for a fraction of its original cost, thanks to coupons!

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