Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Chef Burned The Soup

Don't get distracted by the title. Soups don't get burned, and a chef can only put fire in Flambé. Again, don't be swayed to think that there was a soup burning, hahaha.. That would be quite a paradox. This post is about a blog post I read a while ago about a chef at a restaurant in the metropolis who was complaining about his wrongful dismissal from the said restaurant he was employed for more than eight years. Well, he is not one of the many highly celebrated chefs so he was simply employed and not owns his own restaurant yet. Going back to the complaint, the chef said that he was being harassed by the owner and that he was just doing what he thought was best. If the said action was the best, then he would not have gotten fired in the first place. Oh but it's not really up to us to judge. Perhaps it could be because the two never really liked each other from the very beginning, as was stipulated in the post. What I understood however, was that, the owner never really liked experiments that never work, especially on very important guests. I think you're getting the picture now.. Do you?

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