Monday, August 13, 2012

Pepperoni Pizza

My daughter loves pizza. She likes pepperoni pizza and nothing else. Because it is what she likes, we are forced to buy pepporoni instead of our favorite Hawaiian pizza.

I use to eat a lot of pizza but now, because of the carb content of pizza, I choose not to give in to my mouth's wish. I still eat but limited to at most 1 slice.


Rovie Aguis said...

I love pizza too but really the hawaiian flavor kay daghan pinya. LOL

I seldom think of carbs content on food ayha na lang inig human na kaon :)

ron silvoza said...

any flavor will do basta pizza payts na kaayo...

hehe.. droppng by :)

Haze said...

Pepperoni tend to be the kids favourite these days.

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