Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eat an Apple Instead

A lot of people smoke and some of them, smokers, know that their smoking habits can be harmful to the people around them. For a few smokers who quit, they are blessed to have been able to save themselves from the harm that have caused others their lives. The worst part of the matter is that, those didn't quit, suffered so much physical pain first before death ended their misery. There is also the financial counterpart of the suffering, which the family have suffered too. Many who tried beating smoking have done alternative ways to keep their mouths busy, specially during the times that they feel the urge to get a stick of cigarette to smoke again. I know of someone who would always get a bit of candy, a menthol flavored candy to be exact. According to that person, the said candy helps him overcome the urge. But candy is not a healthy option. A doctor friend of mine said that eating an apple to combat the urge to smoke is even a better option.

I am glad that in the USA there are smoking cessation programs that you can enroll to get the help you need in your quest for a smoke free life. These programs are very helpful.

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