Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wannabe Actress

My daughter loves to sing and dance and sometimes I would think that she might be so interested in acting or becoming an actress. Most of the time, she would pretend to hold a microphone and then sing and dance. Sometimes she would ask me to put make up on her and then dance in front of the mirror. She is just one actress-to-be. Maybe if she really likes, I can hire an audition coach or maybe enroll her in an acting class. But I guess when she goes to school, there will be plays and school theater programs where she can join and experience an acting audition.

I can’t wait to see her act or join a school play, I know she will love it and I think she is also looking forward to it. If she wants to pursue the arts, I really don’t mind at all, her dad and I will support her all the way. But then again, she is still so young to be thinking about it, all she loves to do now is just part of growing up as a little girl. The mom in me just could not help but think of what’s ahead of her.

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