Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Heart Broken After Losing a Dog

Dogs come in different sizes and breeds. A friend of mine used to own a German Shepherd and she and her treated the big dog as their first-born. They bought the dog pet toys for it to enjoy and chew on, they prepared its meals with love and care, they just took care of the dog well and it was like their own child. They have learned a lot when they frequented the website that offers information about Pets Aware Pet Shop and Pet Care.  They had regular pet immunization and grooming to ensure that their dog was fine and doing well. They would also do daily walks with the dog as their way of exercising and for the dog too to keep its bones strong and healthy.

But when the dog was approaching its first heat, it got sick. The once gave a big bone to the dog but unfortunately, the day after, it started to feel ill. For two weeks, the dog was weak and in pain and vomited and later on it died. My friend was really heart broken and cried over its death. The dog was their loyal friend and their “baby.” They loved the dog dearly. But now, they overcame the tragedy and now own a small, hairy dog and still treats it like their own kid.

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