Friday, April 20, 2012

Weight Control

I am on a strict diet now to control my blood sugar levels. It was found out when I was admitted at the hospital few weeks ago. Currently, I am controlling my carbohydrate intake, I eat about two tablespoons of rice and the rest, vegetables, fish and a few slices of meat. So for now, from my previous weight, I have already lost significant pounds which will really help me lower my blood sugar levels. Aside from the insulin that is injected daily, I really need to manage my diet. It is really quite hard but I have to do this. Thinking of what to prepare and what to eat really takes time since I have to consider my present condition, so much like looking for a multiple IP hosting provider to take care of my blogs. It is really quite a trying time for me, but I am coping. It does take some of my time, prepping for special dishes and all. There are many pending tasks like reading about seo web hosting, but because I give extra time now in preparing and cooking my food, some of my tasks and chores are forgotten.

The good side of all this, I get to lose weight, I become healthier and controlling my intake has made me realize that I really should take care of my body.

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