Wednesday, March 21, 2012


When I hear the word caviar, one thing comes to mind - food for the rich. Caviar has a very high price that is why it is a delicacy that is being enjoyed by the rich and the affluent. Ordinary individuals like me, will not be able to afford such delicacy. But what is caviar? Caviar is the term used in context of processed, salted roe. Roe is the fully ripe internal ovaries or egg masses. Caviar is considered a delicacy across the world. It is derived from two different types of fish, sturgeon and salmon. Sturgeon fish produces black caviar while salmon gives out a red caviar.

Because the price of caviar is very high, one should know how to eat them. It is believed that the best way to eat it is simply, without any additions. Garnishing the caviar will adversely affect its taste. However, if you think that the taste of caviar is over-powering, then you can squeeze a drop of lemon on it. It is also good to eat them with vodka.

If you are trying to impress your guests on your next dinner party, surprise them by serving sturgeon caviar. This type of caviar might be in the pricier side but it is flavorful, rich and quite rare in many instances. Its quality and texture is unmatched. If you’re looking for the finest sturgeon caviar available on the market, browse through Caviar Galore.

Caviar should always be served in a crystal, glass or porcelain bowl. Silver and steel serving bowls are a big no-no.

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