Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanks to Olga Quinn

One web site that I have bookmarked at the top of my internet browser is Old Navy is great for a few reasons: I can access their site easily from my muncie satellite internet access, they have great prices, they have tons of selection for my two boys who are hard to dress and they also have some pretty cute things for me. These days it is imperative that everything I purchase be on sale or at least at a great price to begin with. I have bought things on Old Navy’s site for so cheap that you can’t even believe they could make any money off of that item at all. Next can we just talk about the adorable selection of outfits they have for young boys? There are lots of stores where they have really cute things for girls and hardly anything for boys. As a mom of two rowdy three year old boys I can appreciate the selection they have and especially at such low prices. Lastly, we all know that when shopping online for others we MIGHT have a tendency to check out a little something for ourselves. Old Navy is good for that too with cute printed scarves and accessories.

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