Friday, November 11, 2011

Wine, an Essential Part of a Meal

For most people here in the United States, wine is an essential part of a meal, be it a family dinner or a lavish party. Wines serve as welcome drinks to party goers or to simply while away the time. Meals in posh restaurants will never be complete without wines being served to customers and diners. Wines are like water here to wash and “flush” the food into the stomach. But back in my home country, it’s a completely different story. Wines are seldom seen in ordinary family dinners; wines are stored up in a wine warehouse and will only be served during special occasions and family gatherings. So when I arrived here a few years ago, everything was quite different for me.

Over the years, I have learned to adapt to the many ways of this great nation. Drinking wine for me is no longer a social dining experience but an ordinary activity. Sometimes my hubby and I drop everything we do and talk about our lives and plans over a bottle of wine. In my grocery list, there is always a bottle or two of wines included. All these have become part of my life now, and surely when I get to visit my home country next year, I will be buying bottles of wine too.

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