Friday, November 11, 2011

Hoarding is an Illness

There is one TV show that I am most fascinated with, it is Hoarders. The TV show features people with obsessive addiction to hoarding and just keeping things. The hosts of the show, along with professional experts like doctors and psychiatrists have seen the addiction as an illness. Many of those people who hoard have lost so many things in their lives, their families, their loved ones, their jobs and even friends. Their houses are a total mess, with all the things that they have kept and collected over the years, even the most mundane and unnecessary things, piled up everywhere in their living spaces. When these people are told that they need treatment, there are restraints, and most could not accept the fact that they are ill and needs to be seen. One episode showed a Houston Junk removal company cleaning up all the hodgepodge of things accumulated over years and years of collection.

It is actually my first time to know that are people out there who are really into keeping things but unfortunately, have gone way too much than what is expected. Yes, they truly need intervention and I know that with the experts around, those people can be cured with proper guidance and encouragement.

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