Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Help in times of need

Over the last couple of decades women have proven to the world that they are capable of doing things men can do: drive, get promoted to high-paying jobs, get elected into office and a lot of other things. Gone are the days where women are just limited to the four corners of their homes, take care of kids and cook good food for the family. I mean not that these are bad things, but women power has certainly gone over what was just expected of them. Refusing to be called the “weaker sex”, women has had lots of accomplishments in different areas: sports, medicine, different fields of sciences and even flying aircrafts.

But of course as strong as women can be also come weaknesses. We cannot deny the fact that women also has to have the care that they need. In this very fast paced society that we are in and where admitting a weakness is considered to be a no-no, it is still a fact that women can break down if they have to. Thus the need for mental health retreats for women.

Nothing compares to the strength and power a woman gets from another!

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