Thursday, November 3, 2011

Health is Wealth

Zocor is a drug known to effectively lower cholesterol and prevent heart attacks, strokes, and coronary heart ailment. Doctors could prescribe the medicine to both children and adults who are suffering from the above-mentioned diseases. Over the years it has been proven to be an effective drug with positive effects on those who take it. However, like any other drug, there has to be some precautions. The need for a prescription by a doctor is always needed to avoid complications and hazardous effects.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers, for example, should be doubly careful with the kind of medication that they take in. A doctor’s prescription is absolutely needed and self-medication should be a no-no. This is pregnant mothers who take in medication unapproved by medical experts could cause harmful effects and physical deformities on the forming fetus within the womb during pregnancy. Nursing mothers, on the other hand, can easily pass on harmful substances to the baby that she is nursing.

If a patient has other illnesses and is taking medications for them, it would be wise to discuss with the doctor as to whether or not it would advisable to take Zocor as well. Some medicines do not go well together, causing hazardous effects to one’s health.

So, when it comes to our health and medication, it always pays to consult the medical experts. We could not possibly take any risks. They say our health is our wealth—something we should immensely take good care of.

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