Friday, October 28, 2011

Enjoying a healthy long life

It’s a challenge to stay healthy these days. With all these fast and instant food, we would be caught between having to choose between convenience and what’s healthy. For working people, especially where there is no time to do homecooked meals, it would be so easy to just resort to processed foods. Even as a stay at home mom, I have to admit that I have resorted to canned goods many times. But like they say, our health is our investment. Many people today would work hard for the money at the expense of their health, which is sad.

These health fairs are doing a good job at doing public awareness about the risks involved if we neglect our health. While some do not want to attend these thinking that they would be forbidden to go on with their reckless lifestyle when it comes to eating, I personally would like to go and listen to what these experts would have to say.

My health is my wealth, I have to guard it. Like most people, I do want to enjoy a happy, fulfilled, healthy and long life.

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