Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thesis-Making Experience

I remember during my college days, thesis making and oral defense were two of the most dreaded school requirements in order to graduate. It is in thesis making where the student’s skill in organizing, writing, conducting surveys and other skills are being tested and tried. I remember spending sleepless nights writing about our chosen topic for the thesis. I can also recall formulating questions for the questionnaires to be given out to the respondents and then conducting various surveys to support facts and present figures. The most tedious part was collecting, gathering information from the questionnaires and surveys done and then drawing up conclusions from it. Back then, everything was done by pen and paper. Had we known that there is a free online survey creator, we could have made everything in just a matter of hours. We could have validated results in just minutes, but nonetheless, working together as a team spelt out fun and enjoyment amongst us.

Oral defense was another thing. I vividly remember memorizing every page of our thesis as our professor would randomly choose topics from out thesis. I know my teammates and I had butterflies in our stomach those days but thankfully, we all passed that subject with flying colors. All our hard work really paid off.

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