Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Party

Last weekend we attended Alexandra's 6th birthday party. She is one of Andrea's close friends. The kids had a lot of fun during the party because there were lots of games and the give-aways were awesome. The kids played pinata and the adults have fun watching them.

Andrea enjoyed picking up the candies from the pinata. It was a delight to watch the kids having a lot of fun. After the games, it was time to blow the candles in the cake. Andrea was so upset that she was not able to blow the candle. So, after Alex blew the candle, we lit them again and let my little girl blew them.

Alex's birthday party gave me an idea that I should look for a party supply store so that I can buy birthday party supplies when it is time for Andrea's 4th birthday. She will be 4 this December and I think I will give her a nice party. The only problem with Andrea's birthday is it is around winter time. We won't be able to have a lot of outdoor games because it will be too cold for the kids. Perhaps I will find something that they will enjoy which they can do indoors.

I should start planning and buying birthday party supplies one at a time. I am actually excited that my baby girl will be 4 years already.

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