Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Size Doesn't Matter

Before, you never see a plus size model. Models are supposed to be this skinny women walking in the runway showcasing new clothes, shoes, lingerie and more. But today, there are already plus models. These models showcase flirty and stylish plus size fashion. Size doesn't matter to them. It is already accepted in the fashion world that there are big women out there and despite their sizes, they deserve to wear something fashionable and trendy.

Being robust doesn't mean you don't have the right to wear something sexy. Being fashionable doesn't mean one has to be skinny. In the world of fashion, size doesn't matter at all.

Even in the malls, there are section for plus size already which is very convenient to women who are bigger than most. It is actually a good idea to put a plus size section especially in the USA where there are many women who belongs to the plus size. If you are in the country where I came from, then it will be hard to sell plus size fashion as most Filipinos are petite and skinny. Though Filipinos get big too, they usually just gain few kilos not enough for them to belong to plus sizes.

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